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Barefoot vs Shoeless

Feb 09, 2021

Is there a difference between being 'barefoot' and having 'no shoes' ?   Can the trim affect the form and function of the bare hoof?  Can the shape and function of the foot affect posture, stance and to some degree conformation?

Rest assured it can and does – in fact, it affects much more than that!   

The condition, overall shape and function of your horse’s feet influence not only his posture, stance, attitude, personality and movement, but also his functional health including circulation,...

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Spotlight on Trimmers: Katie Havron NY

Jan 12, 2021

Spotlight on trimmers is an interview submission form to EQ. Contact us for a link if you would like to be listed.



EQ Interview with Katie


EQ: "What is your present trimming status? "

Katie:  I only trim my own horses at the moment, but I am available to help others if needed.  I am looking to get back to trimming for others while advancing my knowledge and skills.  

EQ: "Why or how did you start your trimming journey?" 

Katie: I wanted to learn to trim before I owned my own horses,...

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Trimmer Spotlight Series: Alicia Lew

Jan 12, 2021

Spotlight on Trimmers is an interview submission form to EQ.  Contact us for a link if you would like to be listed.  







EQ Interview with Alicia 


EQ: "What is your present trimming status? "

Alicia: I am open and actively seeking new clients  

EQ: "Why or how did you start your trimming journey?" 

Alicia: Horses have always been at the heart of my life, but a career with them felt impossible. After graduate school I enjoyed several years as a scientist and an...

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Spotlight on Trimmers: Jeff Eddy NY

Jan 08, 2021

Spotlight on Trimmers is an interview submission form to EQuinextion.  Contact us for a link if you would like to be listed.   



EQ Interview with Jeff Eddy


EQ: "What is your present trimming status? "

Jeff: I am pretty full with clients but can help in a pinch.   I am presently trimming 700 horses with my team of EQ support trimmers. 

EQ: "Why or how did you start your trimming journey?" 

Jeff: I started with Equinextion about 14 years ago because of my horse Mac.   He was...

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I called him Beta: The story of my first heart horse. 💖

Dec 21, 2020

  When I was young I always wanted and dreamed of meeting  'my' horse.  A lifer!

 From a very young age, I had this fascination, an infatuation with horses (and dolphins) and thought that I would finally feel whole if I could raise my horse from a baby.   


It began back when I was about 19 or 20 years old.  I rode my bike to work (with horses) daily and generally took...

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The Feet are the Life Force of the Horse

Dec 12, 2020



Your horse has 5 hearts!  So to speak.  One in his chest and one on the end of each limb.  His very lifespan, overall health and functional wellness is directly related to his hoof health and the following 4 simple yet essential life force considerations. 

How many horses do you know that despite the best of care continue to have problems with lameness, metabolic issues/ illness or behavioural issues?  

We know that every single barn has at least one lame horse ... and you...

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Part 2 - Living Outside 24/7 ?

Dec 02, 2020

Living outside 24/7 in all seasons on supportive ground

Living outside … all year round? Most people don’t have a problem with that and claim to do it, except when it’s too cold, or too hot, too many bugs, too windy, too wet, too dry, too humid … or “we just bring them in at night”.

I have had the pleasure to live all over Canada. The winters here are long, cold and either very wet or extremely dry depending on location . Lots of snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, slushy rain, slushy snow, with extreme...

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What IS a Natural Horse? Part 1

Dec 01, 2020

                                       INTRODUCTION to the natural horse. 


The word Natural is so often misused and over used in our society that some of the true meaning has been lost. The dictionary says:

'Natural: is in accordance to what is found in nature; produced or existing in nature; not artificial or manufactured; in a state provided by nature; wild; uncultivated; free from affectation or artificiality; not altered,...

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Part 5 - Freedom ... as good as it gets

Dec 01, 2020

Freedom from continual human mandate

Simply what we mean is in the times when we are not riding or training the horses are given the liberty to live their life as much as we can give as intended for a horse. They live in a specifically designed and designated area we refer to as our EQ-System (ecosystem) – balanced to meet the horses natural biological needs as well as managed for the health and benefit of the land they live on. 

All EQ Awakenings horses (past, present and future) are happy, well adjusted confident individuals with...

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Part 4 - Grazing behaviour is so important!

Dec 01, 2020

Grazing /Foraging or at the very least mimicking the grazing /foraging action is the most natural act a horse can perform. His survival depends on it. By grazing we mean: the act of eating and traveling at the same time. Covering ground while using those prehensile lips to full capacity. Actually, foraging is more natural for the horse. To forage means to search for what one wants or needs. So by placing hay all over the EQ system the horses stay busy foraging for food and continually ‘grazing’ in the process … and by...

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