Trimmer Spotlight Series: Alicia Lew

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πŸ‘‡πŸΌ EQ Interview with Alicia 


EQ: "What is your present trimming status? "

Alicia: I am open and actively seeking new clients  

EQ: "Why or how did you start your trimming journey?" 

Alicia: Horses have always been at the heart of my life, but a career with them felt impossible. After graduate school I enjoyed several years as a scientist and an educator, but my journey in that field was not meant to continue at that point in my life. I happened to be looking for a barefoot trimmer at the same time I was facing a major career crossroads—that's when I discovered Equinextion. Lisa's encouragement empowered me to take ownership of my horse's hoof care and inspired me to support and serve others

EQ: "What is your EQ Connection?"

Alicia: I'm currently working towards my EqAT certification with Equinextion through in person trimming course and online externship. 

EQ: "About how many horses do you trim per month?"

Alicia: I trim about 3 to 10 horses a month.  It depends.

EQ: "What is your favourite thing about trimming?"  

Alicia: Trimming is a fascinating blend of art, science and intuition. It's incredibly rewarding to feel a horse's sincere appreciation and relief after a trim. I also enjoy supporting owners as they discover the many ways their horse can benefit from an enhanced natural lifestyle.

 EQ: "lf you could give owners one piece of advice, what would that be?"

Alicia: Always honour the natural essence of the horse as much as possible and be your horse's fiercest advocate, even when you must defy tradition. 


Don't hesitate to reach out to contact Alicia in Medicine Hat AB .


Professional Information:   

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦  Alicia Lew  Medicine Hat, AB  (403) 483-9019

Instagram: @vothequine (

Facebook: @vothequine (


Other offerings from Alicia Lew:   Horsemanship Mentoring -Functional Health Care Consulting 



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