Spotlight on Trimmers/NB Dentist: Jolien deRechter


EQ: "What is your present trimming status? "

Jolien: I only trim my own horses but can help others if needed


EQ: "Why or how did you start your trimming journey?"  

Jolien: Nobody seemed to get along with my horse while trimming his feet.  I decided I will do it myself.  I learned on the go and from then on he was a perfect angel with his feet.  The kind of horse I could only dream about. And there was a bonus that he also got rid of his lameness in the fronts!


EQ: "What is your EQ Connection?"

Jolien: A student of Lisa's helped me to get thrush out of my horse his feet.  It worked like a charm.  After hearing all about Equinextion and dealing with the issues I had with every trimmer I had for my own horse, I decided that this was the path to follow.   In my travel studies for Equine Dentistry, I also did a 3 month internship with Lisa at the EQ Centre in Alberta Canada. 


EQ: "About how many horses do you trim per month?"

Jolien: I trim about 3 to 10 horses a month.  It depends.

EQ: "What is your favourite thing about trimming?"  

Jolien:  The journey. The whole way the horse and his feet develop to get better and more function again!  I love it! 

EQ: "lf you could give owners one piece of advice, what would that be?"   

Jolien: Don't think too much!   Use your gut feelings more.  If something feels off, it's off! 


Professional Information:   Jolien DeRechter  🇧🇪  

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