The Feet are the Life Force of the Horse




Your horse has 5 hearts!  So to speak.  One in his chest and one on the end of each limb.  His very lifespan, overall health and functional wellness is directly related to his hoof health and the following 4 simple yet essential life force considerations. 

How many horses do you know that despite the best of care continue to have problems with lameness, metabolic issues/ illness or behavioural issues?  

We know that every single barn has at least one lame horse ... and you know it too!  It's extremely common.  So common in fact that it's a feared reality that your horse will become lame at some point in his conventional life.  Many before the age of 10! 

Let's get started...

Each of the following 4 Keys can be individually examined, tweaked and improved upon in big or small ways but it's seldom just one over the other.  There is an inherent synergistic relationship between them and in there lies the keys to Equine functional health. 


1)  Trim - shape and function of the feet

Learning how to trim feet to direct them toward optimal health, we need to start looking at the foot a little differently ... to learn to discern and incorporate all the points listed above.  We also need to challenge what we all thought we ‘knew’ about the practice of shoeing and housing (and using) horses.   


2) Diet - Staple of grass hay, forage and some variety.  

Diet is variety and not to be relied upon to be delivered through packages and man made processing and packaging.  We need to get our horses back to whole organic foods with seasonal varieties and choices.

3)  Lifestyle - enhanced to elicit movement and innate restoration a living system is better than a box for the mind, body and spirit.  The body systems rely on foraging and movement, and when stalled, can do just that...stall!   The teeth are also worn very differently with a more natural lifestyle and are also important components to balance and health.


4)  Riding or training posture and procedures

It doesn't matter if you horse is wearing a well fitted saddle or non at all, what matters is the carrying muscles. These are developed through proper posture with age-appropriate activity levels and rely heavily on the other 3 points as well.   Elevated Horsemanship to develop the horses body to carry a rider without undo harm to himself.

These 4 Keys sound simple enough and when something goes wrong you can look at any or all of those listed.  Working together with all 4 aspects, one can boost immunity, increase performance, decrease anxiety and poor behaviour, increase learning capacity, decrease vet bills, increase your interactive relationship and enhance the overall well being of your horse for a longer more productive life.  


What can you do?  A Simple Formula for Success!

There is a magic EQuation that, when followed and enhanced upon, can create super horses, and give a medium in which to heal many maladies once thought to be hopeless.  


 It amazes and humbles me to witness the capacity of the horse to heal himself if he is given the medium to do so. Be true to the Nature of the horse ... and you can't go wrong.


Go Beyond Barefoot...


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