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"" This is a real treasure... I am amazed, and that's not so easy to do.  If you have a horse and want to see some amazing insights, this is an exceptional equine clinic..." "

Dr. Tomas Teskey
DVM  author of Insight to Equus.  

Unlock Proven Secrets to Equine Wellness!

🌟 Reverse and prevent disease.🌟

Save time, money, vet calls, while forging a stronger, healthier relationship with your horse...for your horse.


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What will I learn?

  • Learn the essentials of a functional barefoot trim

  • Learn enhanced horse and hoof care

  • Learn about living-space management (big or small)

  • Watch hours of video demonstrations and classroom workshops

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🌟 160 page full colour digital copy Barefoot Field Study Guide, Triminology 101 book.

...and more

👇🏼Here's a little list of what's inside! 👇🏼

Bonus #1

Hoof Looker Master Class

This video series teaches the details of the horses foot in health, and in distress.

Additional videos on thrush, raising your horse's Hoof Health Score and Understanding Equine Functional Health Care.

Bonus #2

Members Only Private Facebook Group
Value: Priceless!

A place to connect with like-minded horse lovers, access trimmers in your area, ask questions and continue to learn. 

Includes exclusive access to NEW teaching videos and additional added course materials.

What some are saying...

“I just wanted to write to say thank you on behalf of my horse, and others that my new knowledge will help. Earlier this year a friend gave me your book of photos which changed the way I view hooves. I had been struggling to improve the hooves of one of my horses....she was still landing toe first with extremely flat soles. After reading (and rereading!) your book... and trimming her first hoof very carefully, she placed it down and then stretched as tall and as round as she could. It was a powerful message as I had never seen her do that before. Six months later, she is now landing heel first and has concavity in her soles. They are not perfect but continuing to improve and she is comfortable and able to be ridden. I had never understood or recognized the role of bars, despite studying hooves in various settings. Thank you!”
Dr. T Meares,DVM

Cadaver trim talk series

This video is a live student session with trim discussion and exploration on a cadaver foot. This is a sample of additional content above and beyond the course in the private support group. Many more modules to explore!



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Beyond Barefoot

All in ONE course that keeps on evolving

Free EQ Presentation

EQ Members Leigh and Lisa present more about the philosophies of Equinextion and Functional Health Care. Discussing where we went wrong with conventional 'wisdom' and why we need to implement changes to serve our horses.


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