Part 5 - Freedom ... as good as it gets

Freedom from continual human mandate

Simply what we mean is in the times when we are not riding or training the horses are given the liberty to live their life as much as we can give as intended for a horse. They live in a specifically designed and designated area we refer to as our EQ-System (ecosystem) – balanced to meet the horses natural biological needs as well as managed for the health and benefit of the land they live on. 

All EQ Awakenings horses (past, present and future) are happy, well adjusted confident individuals with a good sense of ‘self’. They each have their unique personal character and they all know what it means to ‘be‘ a horse. They get to act and interact like ‘equus’. They are allowed to do what they would want to do (grazing/playing/sleeping) … where they want to do it (in the shelter/in the trees/out in the open) … with who they want to be with (a favorite friend/alone/all together). Their lives are dynamic and interesting – not just standing around all day or all night waiting alone to have a ride or get some food. 

Night time is a very active time for the natural horse. They don’t sleep all night. Rest is usually done during the day. Someday I would love to get nighttime video of all the night activity.

And to finish the definition of ‘natural horse’ …


IRON FREE with a supportive barefoot trim

The normal functioning healthy foot (natural foot) is so incredibly adaptable that it can and will respond to any stimulus presented to it. It can virtually take care of itself. All we have to do is supply the medium! The natural barefoot is conditioned by the environment to which it is exposed as well as the performance trim that it receives to help get it there.

All bare feet are not necessarily high performance conditioned bare feet. Improper or more commonly “conventional” trimming, shoeing and lifestyle ‘glitches’ will contribute to contraction and a lot more pathologies impeding the natural function of the foot. 

The feet are the life force of the horse. Many things can and do happen because of conventional wisdom. The way we have been taught to trim, shoe and keep horses is counter productive for their biological make up and continues to cause disastrous effects on horses world wide. 

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