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Live Courses / Beyond Barefoot

Private and semi private retreat like atmosphere of learning and sharing.

🌟 Never the same thing as I cater to the attendees and what they want to learn Beyond Barefoot. Keeping classes at a maximum of 4 people to ensure lots of learning. 

🌟 Most courses major in trimming but it's not all about trimming, we also look at and discover Natural Balance Equine Dentistry through the help and presentations of TLD Holistic Equine and all the resident horses and the skull collection of my daughter. 

🌟 Going Beyond Barefoot, we also discover the effects of saddlefit and training/schooling and biomechanics of the sound equine through Synergy Saddle fitting / Education and Sales.  

🌟🌟 Some courses we may have time (or make time)  to ride or ground school  depending on the year.  Bring your riding clothes if you would like to have some riding sessions or ground work rehab  school with Elevated Horsemanship.

💥 Live courses are for all who want to expand their equine knowledge in many ways Beyond Barefoot.   

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Online Course Outline

Partial list of curriculum in Trimmer School live

Parts of the foot:  Overview of the parts of the foot and how to find them in a variety of feet - healthy and otherwise. 

The differences between hind and front feet and how to discern the messages within shape variables.


Functions of the hoof

  • blood supply and hemodynamics
  • the arch and flexible wall
  • frog, digital cushion, bulbs, lateral cartilage
  • traction
  • the differences in front and hind shape and performance


Inside the hoof

  • basic anatomy of the hoof and all the terminology you may encounter
  • how to FEEL the inside from discerning from the outside.
  • how to SEE the inside from the outside


How the hoof grows

  • function of laminae and corium
  • direction of growth
  • differences in young and mature horses



  • what are they really for?
  • where they are supposed to be
  • seeing where they are and discerning health or weakness and every where in between


Natural Lifestyle: what it is and what it isn't.   


Abscesses:  What to do and what not to do.


Contraction  Why does it happen and what can you do about it?


Thrush:  What it is and what it isn't. How to treat from the topical to internal.


First aid,  and natural effective wound care.   How to discern when you need veterinarian intervention.


Basic Vital health and wellness parameters

  • How to take and track vital signs
  • Normal temperature of hooves, digital pulse
  • How to discern mental health 


Posture and movement

  • health vs unthrifty horse
  • pain postures and how to discern normal from pain
  • conformation vs adoptive compensatory stance



  • how to pick up, hold and prepare the foot for trimming
  • best postures for protecting your body
  • using and choosing of the various hoof stands
  • use and hold of tools
  • basic trimming techniques
  • common errors and how to avoid them

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