BEYOND BAREFOOT Course Testimonials



Dr. T Meares, DVM

“I just wanted to write to say thank you on behalf of my horse, and others that my new knowledge will help. I had been struggling to improve the hooves of one of my horses ... she was still landing toe first with extremely flat soles. After reading (and rereading!) your book ... and trimming her first hoof very carefully, she placed it down and then stretched as tall and as round as she could. It was a powerful message as I had never seen her do that before. Six months later, she is now landing heel first and has concavity in her soles. They are not perfect but continuing to improve and she is comfortable and able to be ridden. I had never understood or recognized the role of bars, despite studying hooves in various settings. Thank you!”

This course just blew me away!


"This course just blew me away! ... There is a tremendous amount of information provided for the cost of the course! ... It felt like a good book I just couldn't put down! ... I learned many new things that can improve the health and well being of my horses as well as information to share with my trimming clients."

... the healthier and more natural way of horse care.

- Megan Crane

"So much information, but not overloaded, and presented in a fun and straight forward way. As a newbie I did not feel like I was out of my league. ... It gave me the confidence that I was going to do a good job with my new horses ... to guide me in the healthier and more natural way of horse care. Thank you for everything Lisa!"

... needs to be seen to be believed

Tania Maree Tucker

I have the course... It’s amazing and needs to be seen to be believed. Thank you so much. Love the information and videos. Some people don’t like change and will never be able to help their horse in the way you have shown as it doesn’t fit in the box but I’m truly grateful. Well done!"

I have seen nothing but good results

- Amelia McLaren

"I first met Lisa almost a year ago. After having several consultations with her and attending an Equinextion seminar I am slowly learning how to implement her advice and strategies with my horses. Some of the advice seems a little unconventional at first, but I have seen nothing but good results each time I follow it!! In particular my 19 year old QH gelding has benefited greatly. He had been diagnosed with deep thrush, navicular and laminitis in the short 2 years we have owned him, and as a new horse owner I felt completely inadequate to care for his needs. His laminitis has been managed with VOOD and adequate exercise - he now loves to gallop around with his buddies several times a week! His hooves and frogs are becoming stronger and healthier as he is exposed daily to varried terrain. His coat is thick and healthy again and he now has some energy in his step I look forward to further learning about how to care for these beautiful animals!"


OMG so much information! I'm on overload but I absolutely love it! Thank you!

Thank you for sharing this gift with everyone!

Alicia Lew

"I've been working my way through the online materials and I have to say I am BEYOND fascinated with all of this information and I'm already hungry for more! The information you share just makes so much sense to me and it's the first time all of this has really clicked together. Over the years, many of the bits and pieces have resonated with me independently, but it's so affirming to see it all tied together so beautifully. Thank you for sharing this gift with everyone!"

He is sound and happy on all terrain!

Chelsey Winquist

"Boomer was a sound horse when I got him. Barefoot in a traditional way and lived on a half section of rolling hills. I self trimmed with a traditional knowledge i picked up from my grandpa. He stood well enough for me to get thru all four hooves with peavy mart tools.

Decided to learn to jump with him which “required shoes”. So got him some fancy expensive shoes. They looked really nice!  He felt fine.  He blew a couple right away and couldn’t keep them on. Went to the toe clip? shoes which held on good for our sand ring jumping. Moved him to pen boarding. Quite clean pens. Probably 40x20. Rode lots in the sand rings. Sweet feed after riding.

Blew his toe clip shoes and developed a big crack up the very front of the quarter. Shoes after shoes.  He wasn’t even sound in shoes anymore.  Pulled the shoes for Good and decided they weren’t for me.  By now he was not enjoying farrier visits at all. Ornery towards anyone that wanted to touch his feet.

Found some pasture board so he could have some time off and try and get him sound.  Tried every farrier I could find to come out as he was due.  He began striking and kicking and rearing and biting. Tried twitches on him.. heartbreaking to watch.  No one really wanted to come back to trim him. But if he wasn’t happy and feeling better, I wasn’t that upset about that anyways.

Talking to my cousin she said you NEED to get Lisa there (whom I had never heard of up to that point). I called her “book double time and I’ll pay extra, he’s bad but I’m desperate”

I think it took us an hour to trim his first hoof.  I held hay and grain in front of his face trying to get him to just stand!!  Lisa stayed calm and friendly to him the entire time and we finally had one done. Lisa suggested we walk him around and she would tell me about Equinextion and he could think about his one trimmed hoof.

Everything she said to me made so much sense.

The next 3 hooves were an incredible change. I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t there.  He stood mostly still!!!  I was like who is this lady!?!  He obviously liked her so I LOVED her.  Please tell me you’ll come back???  She set me up with magic spray and came back to trim him up. A little inconsistently due to my own lack of proper scheduling. I began flagging him and walking him out on gravel and cleaning his feet out regularly. One of our trim dates I purchased the magic goop. His crack eventually grew out and he became sound.  Riding would commence!  I learned Lisa’s ways about a year later and now trim him myself.  If he thinks he needs a trim before I do, he lifts his feet as I walk around grooming him. Asking for a trim!  His whole demeanor has changed.  Riding out is much more quiet. We jump (sand or grass), mountain ride (sometimes using boots but usually just “naked”), team rope and gallop gravel roads!  He is sound and happy on all terrain!  We are going on 7ish Year’s since we met Lisa and learned about Equinextion. Life saving and life changing!"

Thank you!


"This is great! It's like having you here with me. I can review and look again and again. Thank you!"

I’ll always be grateful for her guidance all these years

Karen Sundquist

"I met Lisa 7? 8? years ago? She did a presentation about barefoot trimming for the Alberta Trail Riders Association (ATRA). I’m not a member, but came with a friend who was. I call it serendipity. I had been wondering how I could learn to trim my own horses since I had 6 at the time and wasn’t working, so paying for trims was getting expansive. Lisa’s presentation had me hooked and I signed up for her Trimmer 1 course that spring. I knew absolutely nothing about trimming. And aside from the frog I didn’t even know the parts of the hoof! I think I was at her place in Medicine Hat for 4 or 5 days. Aside from learning a ton about hooves and trimming and fumbling through learning how to use the tools, I also got hooked on ACV (for me as well as my horses), learned how to grow alfalfa sprouts in a jar, and found certain phrases getting stuck in my head (“free the frog”, “no touchie zone”, and even “I got one!” ... that last one was referring to her dog Pinto, not hooves! Lol!) I met Bruno (and heard about his alter ego Uno), her ‘oldish’ heart-horse, Beta as well as many other amazing souls temporarily and gratefully under her care. And there have certainly been many over the years. I remember trying to trim the feet of a very overgrown mini who wanted nothing to do with us and whose feet were like concrete. But we took turns and kept at it until we started to make progress. Lisa always took whatever time it took to help these horses. I remember cadaver day and thinking (after the long hit and difficult day with the mini) how much easier it was to trim feet without the horse attached! I was also blown away by how significant a change occurred in those feet even though they were no longer alive. What a shame those poor horses didn’t meet Lisa sooner."

Once I went home and started trimming my own horses, I found myself not trusting myself at all without Lisa’s guidance. BUT - lo and behold they all survived - and stayed sound. And I’ve continued to learn more and get better every time I spend time with Lisa. And it no longer takes me an hour to do one horse! I’ve trimmed all my own horses ever since. I’ll always be grateful for her guidance all these years, but most especially for her friendship."


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