Beyond Barefoot Consultations

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 45 minute Zoom meetings (live video and sound), in a private online room where we can discuss your submissions together.   Often there are two or more  EQ Team members online with you.

These meeting are recorded and can be elected to be fully or partially shared in order to help other EQ students.  

The cost is only $75 CAD for members of the Complete Horse Care course.     

The fee for non members is only $97 CAD 

Sessions are recorded automatically.

You will have the option to allow sharing or for the consultation to remain private.   

This will be confirmed within the recorded session of the consultation. 

Yes you will have access!

✔️ Step ONE - Fill out the Pre Consultation form on this page

✔️ Step TWO - Take and submit recent pictures as shown in the video and/or download guide available 

✔️ Step THREE - Contact to secure date and time for meeting.

✔️ Step FOUR - Paypal payment submitted via email 

Mostly all smart phones support zoom webinars.

You can view on your computer or laptop as well.

It is recommended to wear headphone or ear buds to eliminate sound feedback. 

The session is timed and can end abruptly.  If this happens we will contact you via email for anything left unsaid.  

👇🏼Pre-consultation Questionnaire👇🏼

⭐️Step ONE⭐️

Submit Hoof Photos as shown below

⭐️ Step TWO ⭐️

In order to allow us to offer the most informed assistance, email or send us a link to most recent hoof and horse photos. Include posture photos. Notice any imbalances, swellings, lumps, other concerns you may have. Video of walking or trotting would be beneficial too (although not necessary) Here is a guide to taking the best photos for optimum communications.


Step THREE Confirmation of time/date

Email us with your preferences (and what time zone you are in). We contact you and make an appointment to meet within a week or two of submitting all required steps.

What does an EQ consultation look like?

Here is a sample EQ consultation inside the Zoom platform.


Need help now?  

EQ Online Consultations are here!

No matter where you are in the world we would love to help you get to the bottom of ill health in the feet, diet, lifestyle and explore and enhance mental health of your horse.   

Consultations do not take the place of veterinarian visits or advice.  We work with you to explore avenues you may not have considered.  Our goal is to assist you in making decisions for the overall health of your horse!  

✔️ Fill out the form on this page

✔️Submit pictures via email after viewing picture guide.

✔️ We will set up an appointment for a Zoom meeting

✔️ Invoice  sent from PayPal. 


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