ACV: Make it and Use it!

Did you know that you can feed organic Apple Cider Vinegar to your horse?  Infusing it in the water supply is an easy method of delivery with so many benefits for the horse and the water supply...some mentioned on the photo below.👇🏼


Feeding  your horses Organic Active ACV with the mother can get expensive but there is a way to save $$   You can BREW your own! 

NOW you have a lot of organic ACV... Make some Magik Spray!! 

Unless your horse is in a functional living system set up to encourage self cleaning feet, you want to be  detail-cleaning your horse's feet regularly. 

☝🏼Did you know? 👇🏼

Detail cleaning your horses feet are a must!  It is an important aspect of horse ownership and healthy feet are imperative for a healthy horse!  You've heard it before.  No foot, No horse!  

Just the act of thoroughly picking out the foot and brushing/cleaning with a steel brush on the bottom exposes the foot to oxygen which helps to zap anaerobic bacteria...the ones that eats away at the skin of the hoof, commonly known as thrush.   The steel brush (or if you horse can't handle the steel use a stiff bristled brush) can also simulate wear and stimulate growth. 

Look at detail cleaning as an encouragement for the frog, bulbs and sole to respond and develop to a more functionally healthy state.  


When combating thrush,  pick and clean the feet two or three times per day and spray with Magic Spray to help get the topical or surface thrush under control.  

This treatment should show significant improvement within one week.  IF thrush is persistent then you need to have a deeper look at diet and lifestyle issues that could be hindering healing.  Additional ACV, Borax, or White Lightning soakings might be beneficial at first to get deep inside tissues.  

When used correctly Magik Spray increases frog, bulb and hoof health and balances PH levels.  Magic spray can also be used on the hoof wall to help treat cracks or excessive seasonal dryness.  Severely dehydrated and or contracted feet also benefit from initial daily treatments with applications of EQ Magic Goop and hydro therapy. 

Don't give up on your horses foot health.  


Learn more about the horses foot and the system for success and soundness? 

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