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   Terra Dionne

Neuromuscular Equine Dentist                       Speaker/ Presenter

Neuromuscular equine dentistry is more than just addressing 'sharp points'.   Dedicated to aligning the incisors, jaw and TMJ of the horse for overall proprioception and physical function of the horses body. 

  Terra Liana Dionne

Neuromuscular Equine Dentist         Teeth talks Presenter

Welcome!  My goal is the alignment of the incisors, jaw and TMJ for your horse.  This allows the horse optimal physical function of the body and benefits for overall proprioception.   This approach is more than just addressing 'sharp points', which is a small part of dentistry.  

I can advise you on a proper fitting bit for the shape of your horse's mouth, without the use of bitseats.

"I am so happy and quite frankly amazed at the change in my aged (27 yr old) mare.   She was losing weight and topline, even being on grass.  There is 3 weeks between the pictures.  I recommend giving TLD Holistic Equine / Terra a call and get your horse checked for overall dental balance!  I did and I am truly amazed at the results!"  



Incisors are an integral part of TMJ balance 



Contrary to popular belief, the balance of the incisors has a major effect on the overall body balance and comfort in the horse. 

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I was so happy to watch my horses get their dental exams with Terra.  She used no sedation and they all surprised me with their complete cooperation.  Amazing work Terra!


Terra worked on my minis and was so quiet and gentle with them, even though one was rearing up at the beginning.  They all were done with no sedation and that was amazing to see.


My riding horse was done by Terra and right after I noticed my horses ability to bend and flex properly  had increased by 50%.  I was in shock when I rode my 'new' horse.  She continues to get better.  Thank you so much Terra for all you do for horses!

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