MAKE THE CONNECTION Triminology 101 - Field Study Guide

“This is a real treasure of a book,  I highly recommend getting this book.  Just Wow!”
 from the Facebook page Tomas G. Teskey Veterinary Insights
“I am amazed, and that’s not so easy to do. If you have horses and want to see some amazing insights, get this book. An exceptional equine clinic in a book”  Tomas Teskey DVM

 “This guide will inspire and enlighten you to a heightened level of equine consciousness.”  

“A must for ALL horse lovers. This is vital equine health information”


162 FULL colour pages of absolutely essential information about horses!
MAKE THE CONNECTION will show you how to recognize equine health and wellness – from the foundational foot up!  Professional/educational barefoot trimmers and naturally minded veterinarians will find this a practical tool to help clients better understand the equine foot and its vital functions, and the requirements to maintain and enhance health and wellness.
MAKE THE CONNECTION is a balanced look at the natural horse. Everyone will appreciate the uncomplicated, yet in-depth and straight-forward format. MAKE THE CONNECTION Triminology 101 will guide you through powerful realizations … every barefoot and natural step of the way.

EQ Nutra-Rx Solutions

Nutra is for Nutraceutical. An approach to treating dis-ease from a nutrient base on a cellular level. Rx is to remind you that the synergy of the adaptogenic herbs and the other ingredients combine for maximum strength and effectiveness in treating pain and inflammation and boost the body's strength and vigor on a cellular basis. To qualify as an adaptogen, an herb must be completely safe and non-toxic, it must have broad uses for health, and it must specifically reduce stress, both mental and physical. Adaptogens greatly improve the body’s ability to adapt and deal with stress. The EQ Nutra-Rx Products contain an elite class of herbs designed to improve stamina, endurance, improve mental clarity and heal on a cellular level. They help the body, mind and spirit in achieving balance. These products have been developed and tested by different people and horses across North America, different climates, hay, water, etc. In 99% there was effectiveness within the first week of use. Some saw improvement within hours of initial loading dose. We can not guarantee results, but they will do no harm. Non-toxic and human grade ingredients.

Horse VOOD

An exclusive medicinal nutraceutical solution for equine pain and inflammation. Seems to work as well or better than Bute on most horses.

Concentrated with adaptogenic properties to cover a broad range of conditions, both at the symptom level and on a healing plane.

Horse VOOD is a super food, infused with adaptogenic herbs.

Horse VOOD - Rx

Amazing healing properties with this concentrated nutraceutical supplement for dogs, cats and horses. Slightly different formulations for the 3 species with amazing healing properties are being reported.
From skin conditions, to breathing, appetite, food utilization, pain and inflammation reduction, increase in all over wellness in the body, mind and spirit.
Special formulations available on request.

Beta Booster

Beta Booster was developed for horses who have trouble keeping on weight, are elderly or sick, or in rehabilitation from malnourishment. It is meant as a booster, not a 'supplement'.
Also great for heavy competitions without adding to a lot of extra 'bulk'. Beta Booster is like giving a green smoothie to your horse.
Field tests all had positive results in the form of weight gain, energy increase and quicker healthier hoof growth.

Quality, made-in-Canada products that WORK.

Any of the feed supplements are MADE TO ORDER, fresh for you. If you would like any further information on any of the products please contact us.

Magik Goop - Hoof Healing Oils

Magik Goop was developed in the dry arid region of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Initially for treating dried out shrunken feet, it went on to prove itself in other avenues, like a super moisturizing and healing bulb conditioner, a fighter of thrush, and an assister to decontraction. Magik Goop can also be used on wounds, scabby sores, your own hands and more. It is non-burning and very healing.

Magik Dust - Super-Food Supplements

- Magik Dust Essentials

- Magik Dust Senior

- Magik Dust Relax/Renew

Whole all-natural, organic foods, concentrated and freshly ground, and then gently mixed to give a palpable meal type consistency that most horses eat straight from the bucket.


Developed to support optimum hoof health and growth.

coming soon

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