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👇🏼 Come experience Live Courses / Retreats at EQ Centre, Alberta, Canada

We would love to host you at the EQ Centre in Alberta, Canada. Live courses and Elevated Horsemanship combined with Health and Wellness Retreats. New in 2020!

Live Courses / Internship Programs

Want to come and learn in person at the EQ Centre in Alberta, Canada?   

Check out the DATES 2020 More INFO coming soon

EQ Academy LIVE

 Participants study theory, practice proper horse and hoof handling with some Elevated Horsemanship principles.

 We also take time to be in the moment and enjoy the horses and the amazing space of the EQ Awakenings Centre in Alberta Canada.  

Study includes cadaver dissections, business building skills, and applications of EQ's Elevated Horsemanship rehabilitation system.

Beginning in 2020: EQ School Prerequisites:

The Bare Basics course

2020 Check Calendar for dates

Frequently Asked Questions

Live courses are held at the EQ Awakenings Centre in Alberta, Canada.

Fly into Calgary International Airport


Semi-private comfortable rooms to sleep in. 

Continental breakfast

Coffee, teas, water

You can elect for the 'Health Retreat':  cold pressed juices and raw food treats


We take a maximum of 4 students at a time.   This is to allow a much more personal experience with more individual instruction. 


Yes this is possible.  Individuals may contact EQ / Lisa to ask further questions, propose dates and check availability.

Lisa will do an EQ Science Course

Trimming course or workshop

Elevated Horsemanship school 

Yes.  Although Lisa took a hiatus to heal from a broken neck and back along with a head injury, she is back to offering live courses.

In 2020 ALL classes and levels are together.

EQAT Certification program is also being rebuilt.

Alumni trimmers to be listed on the site 

Internships and working student programs are available again this spring, summer and fall. 

You can book in 1 to 3 months of internship or working student time.

Arranged on an individual basis.  Contact US 

In Live Courses at the EQ Centre we keep it to a maximum of 6 students and generally do 4 students or less.

This is to ensure an experience like a course, combined with a retreat like atmosphere.  Uniquely yours! 

Hosting an EQ Workshop

Do you want to have EQ come to you for 3 to 7 days for a private, clinic, trim workshop or Functional Health Care Retreat?

Contact US with your request of dates and how many days?

Contact for more info

EQ Centre:  School Sessions

School Sessions (Trimming, handling, EQ Science and Elevated Horsemanship)  are 10 days long.   We work throughout the day, both off and on site.   

Semi-private accommodations and healthy meals included.  

$3397 CAD   

Pick up and return from the Calgary International Airport can be arranged upon request.  Additional fees may apply...students may arrive one day early and stay one day later to allow for connecting flights and/or safe travel.

Check Dates

EQ Clinics and Workshops


Learn to discern everything horse, from hoof lifting/holding for trimming, the use of the tools, and hands on trimming of many horses - all at different ages and levels of their barefoot life.  Witness  and learn the many layers of health.  

Discern the importance of diet, teeth and jaw balance and the connection to the feet.  Learn how it all affects the horse and your trim. 



Online Consultations are here!

No matter where you are in the world we would love to help you get to the bottom of ill health in the feet, diet, lifestyle and mental health of your horse.   

Consultations do not take the place of veterinarian visits or advice.  We work with you to explore avenues you may not have considered.  Our goal is to assist you in making decisions for the overall health of your horse!  

Fill out the form and submit pictures and if we think we can help you, we will set up an appointment for a Zoom meeting and send you an invoice from PayPal. 

Click the button blow for the form, photo how-to, and contact link.

Online Consultations

EQ Functional Health Online E-Courses

3 amazing offers of Equine Functional Health Care Content

The digital E-Book +


" This is a real treasure of a book.  I am amazed, and that's not so easy to do.  If you have a horse and want to see some amazing insights, get this book"
 "An exceptional equine clinic in a book" 

Dr. Tomas Teskey DVM  author of Insight to Equus.  

Bonus: 2 hours video workshop included!

Get MTC Book Access NOW

ALL in ONE Horse E-Course


-- The E-Book PLUS videos

-- Hoof Looker Video series

-- Intro to Barefoot Trimming series

-- CommUNITY Access! 

-- MORE content added monthly!

A dynamic, evolving Horse E-Course for all horse owners. 


Hoof Looker +


An 11 part video series detailing the horses foot in health and distress.  

Learn to Discern the subtle layers of health that the feet reveal to you, just by looking and what to do about it!  

Plus bonus videos:

 including More Than Just Barefoot:  Just what is Equine Functional Health Care

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