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What you get:

  • how to look at a hoof and understand what you are seeing

  • how to identify all the parts, textures, and feel of healthy vs not fully healthy

  • all the factors and strategies that go into creating and maintaining the healthiest possible foot ... and horse

  • Trimming and life style enhancements to prevent problems and/or rehabilitate your horse.


Course Content details:

HOOF LOOKER: Master Class

The hoof wall

The basic shape of the foot

The boneless back of the foot

The how and why of picking up a hoof

Picking out a foot - textures and feel

The parts from the bottom side

The amazing sole

The good, the bad, and the ugly about bars

More on the boneless back of the foot

Extra videos:

Crush thrush forever

Understanding Equine Functional Health Care

MAKE THE CONNECTION: Exploring the book

E-book download

The EQ System:

Basic Philosophies

Mental health enhancements

The basis of natural

Winter, blanketing, snow, bugs ...

Grooming, skin health, friendship bonds, breezing

Diet, grazing and yoga

The foot:

The main parts of the foot

The functional hoof shape, hoof shape variables, fronts vs hinds

The vital functions of the foot

How the parts of the hoof are connected to health

Simple hoof anatomy

The bars:

A closer look at the bars of the foot

Remembering the bars


A look at posture, stance, and stay apparatus

Posture presentation and download


Trimming terms and language

The trimming tools you'll need

Trim talk: Simulate wear and stimulate growth

Trim talk: Basic trimming concepts

How to use a hoof stand

Effective use of the rasp

Toe-back trimming for horse owners

Cadaver Trim Talk Series:

The big hoof

The half hoof

The investigative trim

The halter horse

22 Bonus videos: Equinextion live workshop Q&A's

"This course just blew me away!

... There is a tremendous amount of information provided for the cost of the course! ... It felt like a good book I just couldn't put down! ... I learned many new things that can improve the health and well being of my horses as well as information to share with my trimming clients."  Shelley - professional trimmer