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Barefoot Field Study Guide: PLUS

160 page PDF full color download

PLUS the book explored further online through added pictures and text

PLUS hours of video from an EQ Functional Health Care weekend workshop. 

PLUS Natural Horse Keeping: EQ System philosophies for enhancements to health

PLUS The Natural Foot: How environment plays a role in trimming

$67 CAD

Hoof-Looker Video Series: Plus book

The essential Hoof-Looker 11 part Mini Masterclass video series AND the Barefoot Field Study Guide! 

Explore and view lots of different feet ... the good, the bad and the ugly and all the in between.  Learn to discern what you are really looking at.

PLUS ...

Bonus video More Than Just Barefoot: all about Equine Functional Health Care

$297 CAD


Beyond Barefoot All-in-ONE:  Horse E-Course

with Private Group and Trim Classes 

This is it!   THE ALL-IN-ONE Horse E- course that you have been looking for!    

It includes The E-Book plus, the Hoof Looker Series plus, and a video series Introduction to Barefoot Trimming ... Private group ... and more being added inside!

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Live Courses / Retreats at EQ Awakenings Centre, Alberta, Canada

We would love to host you at the EQ Centre in Alberta, Canada. Live trimmer courses. Elevated Horsemanship n' Health Retreats.

Live Courses / Internship / Working Student Programs

Want to come and learn in person at the EQ Awakenings Centre in Alberta, Canada?   

Or would you like EQ to come to you for a workshop or course?

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🌟 EQ Blog Resources 🌟

We like to write articles on pertinent subjects affecting horses and owners. Some are wonderful helpful stories, others are exposing truths.


Online Consultations are here!

No matter where you are in the world we would love to help you elevate your horses health and wellness.   

Consultations do not take the place of veterinarian visits or advice.  We work with you to explore avenues you may not have considered.  Our goal is to assist you in making decisions for the overall health of your horse!  

πŸ‘‰πŸΌFill out the form and submit pictures and we will set up an appointment for a Zoom meeting and send you the invoice via PayPal. 

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