Experience EQ SUMMER SCHOOL in Heartland Alberta Canada 🇨🇦


 July, August, September and October   2021.  

Apply NOW to spend one or more months studying and interning with Lisa at the EQ Centre in Priddis, Alberta, Canada. 

 Tuition is ALL inclusive  (accommodations with breakfast and lunch and dinners)... student by student basis.  Some independent study and chores required.  Riding and training, trimming, land management, diet, ground schooling and more.  Make it a summer to remember!   Join us at the EQ Centre in Alberta 


Apply NOW for summer school

Beyond Barefoot Immersion Course

Trimmer levels with EQ Science


Beyond Barefoot: Trimmer Course

Trimmer Certification and Alumni Upgrading 

May 9 to 18,  2022

October 19 to 28, 2022

Tuition:  $3990 CAD (On site Accommodations and basic meals incl) 

Bringing a horse is usually possible.  Extra charges will be discussed)

After class Externship program for those wishing to continue with becoming certified.   $1500  (3 months online after each level, to help with case studies, questions in the field etc.  Through webinars or emails)

 Beyond Barefoot Online portion (access available 2 weeks prior to class)  

Trimmer ONE is for beginners and no experience necessary, but the ability to pick up horses feet and confident at cleaning out feet a must.  

Book early 

Courses may be 1 person to maximum 6 persons.  

Contact for more info. 

Prices do not include tax, transportation, materials.  

Tools available for purchase.

CONTACT LISA Course Outline Course Application Forms

Teeth Talk and Saddle Speak Seminars

  🌟Host yours in 2022🌟

TLD Holistic Equine:   This is done by my daughter Terra who studies equine neuromuscular dentistry.  She is a great speaker and has a fabulous presentation to take you on a journey of discovery on the dental connection.   I find I learn something new each time.   

Synergy Saddle fitting: Education and Sales:  Learn some saddle fitting techniques as it pertains to the equine anatomy.  Learn 'fake' fits and the history of saddles.  Is treeless ok?  When is it not?   

These complimentary entertaining educational seminars are designed to empower you to make the right decisions for your horse's health and wellness.  

Contact to book a Seminar


EQ Weekend Trimming Workshops / Cadaver Clinics: 

Oct 22-23, 2022 EQ Awakenings Centre: Priddis Alberta 🇨🇦

2 days of Trimming Talk with the cadavers AND some practice on live horses.
 Cadaver feet tell stories of the horses they were once attached to.  We have several stories to share with you and you will hone your understanding of the trim... the WHY we trim, where we trim...where growth is needed, and HOW to get it!

$550 (bring a lunch)    $725 with accommodations/meals   

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