EQUINExtion Functional Health Care

Upcoming Live Events


Special Event:   Belgium  MAY 9-12, 2019 The Balanced Horse event with Equinextion and EquiHealth (more info soon) 


Cadaver Weekend EQ Functional Trimming Clinic: 


EQ Functional Health and Equine Science Camp:

August 1 -10, 2019 


EQ FHCC  Live Trimming Courses

  • September 4 -13, 2019


EQUINExtion Functional Health Care Live Campus


SUMMER SCHOOL: May, June, July, August, September and October   2019.    


For more information, contact Lisa Huhn Equine Rehabilitation and Core Training, Hoof Care, Enhanced Natural Board, and MORE at EQ Awakenings Centre!

Want to host a LIVE event?

  • EQUINExtion Functional Health Care Seminar:  



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