EQ Awakenings Centre

Upcoming Events


Cadaver Weekend Clinic: August 25-26, 2018


Natural EQ Science Camp:

September 7-9 Weekend ready for fall Retreat


Trimmer Courses:

Aug 20 - 29, 2018

November 5 -14, 2018

March 4 - 13, 2019


Internship / Working Student Program:

 Sept 4 to 30

Oct 1 to 29


Personalized Internship and Trimmer Course dates and long term programs may also be available.  Want EQ to come to your place?? ... ask us

For more information, contact Lisa Huhn Equine Rehabilitation and Core Training, Hoof Care, Enhanced Natural Board, and MORE at EQ Awakenings Centre!

Want to host a LIVE event?

  • Equinextion Seminar?  2 days of education, theory, fun and ideas for enhancement of trim, diet and lifestyle!

  • Hands-On Workshop?  3 days of hands on

  • Private Training?

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