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Hoof Looker Course

The Hoof Looker course is a short information-dense multi-part video course that explores the facets of what makes a healthy foot, and where things go wrong!

  • Learn what a natural and healthy sound hoof looks like.
  • Learn HOW TO SEE the differences between healthy and unhealthy hooves.
  • Learn all the parts of the hoof and how to recognize imbalances in health, form and function.
  • Explore tips to safely and comfortably handle the feet (for the human and the horse).
  • Learn detail cleaning to help assess health and treat issues .
  • Learn what correctly weighted hooves and a healthy posture looks like.
  • HOOF-LOOKER includes two informative hoof posters available for download that you can hang in your home, barn, or tack room.

$127.00 CAD

I want to learn to discern the truly healthy and functional foot.

Functional Health Care Community Campus

Make the connection with other EQuinextion members. Connect. Support. Share. Discuss. Learn. Make new friends all over the world.

This private community is only available to students currently or formerly enrolled in online and/or live courses.



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Functional Health Care 101 - The Workshop

This series of videos replaces the lecture and demo portions of the Trim-Training sessions that we have taught over the past 15+ years. All of this material is essential to learn prior to the practicum (in-the-barn, hands-on-the-horse) sessions ... before actual trimming decisions and actions with a live horse.

THE WORKSHOP includes:

This course gives EXCLUSIVE access to:

  • LIVE TRAINING courses
  • The EQ Community Forum
  • EQ Continuing Education Webinars
  • Private Consultations

Starting in 2019 ...

THE WORKSHOP is a prerequisite for LIVE TRAINING

 $950.00 CAN

I want to learn!

Caution: Looking at hooves can be addictive


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