🌟 The Bare Basics 🌟 👌🏼 👉🏼Horse E-Course

$297.00 CAD

Not just for Beginners!  

This amazing jammed packed informational course and resource shows you what it takes to have a sound-for-life barefoot horse.

What do you get?

*  Digital edition of THE MTC BOOK (Make the Connection) 

*  The Essential Hoof Looker video series

Introduction to Trimming for Horse Owners class we show you the secrets to maintaining a healthy trim for your horse.

Online Community Campus Access for help and support and to make the connection with others.

PLUS: New videos added monthly!

What People Are Saying:

“This course just blew me away! ... There is a tremendous amount of information provided for the cost of the course! ... It felt like a good book I just couldn't put down! I learned many new things that can improve the health and well being of my horses as well as information to share with my trimming clients.”


“"OMG so much information! I'm on overload but I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you!"”


“"This is great! It's like having you here with me. I can review and look again and again, thank you!"”


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