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Live Training

Trimmer Courses and Internship Programs

Students are orientated on the first day and assigned their 'homework' to complete for their perspective levels of Internship.  This gives students a firsthand perspective on the powerful connection between health and wellness of the horse, the environment, trim and daily attention given.

 Participants study theory, practice proper horse handling and Elevated Horsemanship    (a term developed by 2 EQ members).  

Learn to discern about everything horse from hoof lifting/holding for trim, the use of the tools, and get hands on trimming many live horses in all different levels of their barefoot life, from young to old, and the many layers of health.  See and learn the importance of diet, teeth and jaw balance, and lifestyle/footing considerations.   How it affects the horse and your trim. 

Study includes cadaver dissections, business building skills, and applications of EQ's Elevated Horsemanship rehabilitation procedures.

ALL levels of EQ trimmers are attending EQ Centre courses.  Internships are longer periods of time than formal courses. 

Beginning in 2019, Live Trimming Prerequisites:


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EQ Awakenings Centre

Internship COURSES

LIVE TRAINING SESSIONS are 10 days long.

Semi-private accommodations are included 

Continental breakfasts are included.  

$3199 Canadian, plus applicable tax.   

Bring a friend to course and you save 10% on your total (5% each)  

Pick up from the Calgary International Airport and return can be arranged upon request.  Additional fees may apply

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EQ Awakenings Centre

Natural EQ Science Retreat

 5 day camp gives you a relaxing retreat combined with an amazing learning experience.  Explore Natural Equine Science while practicing Elevated Horsemanship. Bring your horse or be paired with ours.

Learn about enhanced natural horse keeping and land design with considerations for both the land and the horse in mind.

More topics of learning: Deworming and performing your own fecal exams, safe fencing, housing, first aid, taking vitals, simple to more complex rehab management programs. Feeding the natural horse, feeding the elderly horse, feeding the IR horses. How to avoid laminitis and heal lameness issues. 

Riding and schooling with Elevated Horsemanship principles. 

$1850  CND (continental breakfast, light lunches and accommodations included)

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So what happens next?

How much do you want to learn?

True understanding, knowledge, and confidence comes with PRACTICE and TIME.


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Certification Levels and Requirements



Equinextion Associate Trimmers (EqAT)      Levels 1 - 4

EqAT - Level 1*

  • Have completed a minimum of one week of Live Training in 1 year. 
  • In continuous study of observation and feedback on a minimum of 1 ongoing trim case.
  • Submit a minimum of one case study running for a minimum of 6 month period.
  • Qualified to do basic maintenance trims on feet with no major pathologies.

Level 1** a minimum of two Live Training courses (or equivalent) in the first the list above

Level 1*** a minimum of three Live Training courses (or equivalent) in the first the list above.



EqAT - Level 2

  • 1-2 years of experience with Equinextion protocols
  • Live Training - either Intern with EqMT or attend another course.
  • Submit a minimum of two case studies, one for a minimum 6 month period, and one running for 12 months.
  • Qualified to offer hoof care advice, discussing booting options, and trimming clients' horses with no major pathologies.


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EqAT - Level 3

  • 2-3 years experience implementing successful Equinextion protocols
  • Submit a minimum of two additional case studies, one for a minimum 6 month period, and one running for 12 months.
  • Intern with EqMT or attend another Live Training or active on Team forums
  • Capable of teaching individual clients how to maintain their own horses between checkups.
  • Capable of working with some pathological cases.


EqAT - Level 4

  • 3-4 years experience with Equinextion protocols,
  • Submit a minimum of two pathological case studies, one for a minimum 6 month period, and one running for 12 months.
  • Live Training - either Intern with EqMT or attend another course.
  • Qualified to tackle pathologies and more serious cases of neglect and abuse.
  • May offer rehabilitation programs and show owners how to trim their own horses.
  • May prepare and nominate students for EqAT Level 1*.
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Equinextion Team Trimmers


  • Thoroughly qualified Equinextion Trimmer with a minimum of 6 years field and client experience.
  • These trimmers are more than just trimmers. They strive to be educators and Mentors.
  • May offer Live Training and certify students for EqAT Level 1 beginning in 2019 with teaching card.  All events are listed on the EQ calendar.


NOTE: Effective immediately ALL Levels require annual  or biannual submissions of case studies and/or additional Live Training to stay current and maintain current status. Some exceptions may apply because of distance and travel and may be completed online inside private forum.

Check the CALENDAR for current Live Training opportunities

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Want to arrange an internship or working student position? Are you EQ alumni with questions on certification and/or further training?

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